Cambridge Relationship Therapy


Most relationships have difficulties of some kind at some point. Relationship therapy can be an effective way of bringing about positive change.


Relationships can often feel like hard work.  


Relationship therapy can be an effective way to identify and explore issues, with a view to making positive changes.  Sometimes there is a crisis, other times a problem that has been bubbling for years.  Sometimes, there is just a sense of being stuck, and not knowing where to start.


- Feeling stuck

Perhaps your relationship has lost its shine. You still get on, but overall it feels pretty stale.

- Fighting that changes nothing

Bickering and contempt are usually destructive and create a downward spiral that is hard to break.

- Affairs (sexual or emotional)

The pain, loss of confidence and trust can make recovery a daunting prospect.

- Sexual difficulties

A lack or absence of pleasurable sex often makes it hard to feel close to a partner.

- Children/families/money/work/illness

Life can throw so many obstacles at us that put a real strain on what might otherwise be a great relationship.

- Separating?  

Relationship therapy is not about persuading you to stay together whatever the circumstances.  Relationship therapy can be helpful when separating.